Jewellery Re-modelling and Repairs Service

Jewellery Re-modelling, Repairs, Restoration & Rhodium Plating in Newcastle

At our jewellery shop in Gosforth Newcastle, we offer a range of services including; jewellery re-modelling, repairs,restoration and rhodium plating.

Here is a brief description of these services 

Jewellery re-modelling

Jewellery re-modelling can be carried out for many reasons.  Perhaps you have an old piece of jewellery you no longer wish to wear or it could be a piece you have inherited. Instead of selling the piece of jewellery it can be re-created into a piece of modern jewellery. Jewellery re-modelling can include; necklaces, bracelets, earrings and earrings

Many of us have old jewellery in a draw, often we may have kept the pieces for sentimental reasons. These pieces of jewellery can be recycled and the parts used to create new modern pieces.

Do you have yellow gold rings but prefer white gold? If so another part of re-modelling is our rhodium plating service, read on to find out how your yellow gold can be transformed. Find out more about our Jewellery re-modelling service.

jewellery re-modelling

Rhodium Plating Service

Yellow gold jewellery to white gold with Rhodium Plating

If you have jewellery or rings which are yellow gold, they can be transformed into white gold with our rhodium plating service. In turn white gold rings which has become dated, dull or scratched can also be transformed  to look new again.

We use a new formulated ultra bright rhodium plating. The product we use is far superior to the traditional basic methods. Rhodium plating is certainly not expensive, Check out our latest offer below for our rhodium plating.


Clean, Polish &  Rhodium Plating

1 Ring – £15.00

2 Rings – £25.00

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is one of the worlds most expensive precious metals. Most of the white gold rings and jewellery we see today are rhodium plated. However, over time the rhodium plating starts to wear off and it needs re-plating to keep its sparkle and shine.

How long does Rhodium Plating last?

Rhodium plating can last a couple of years depending on how you look after your jewellery. Its best not to wear your rings to wash up and do house work as this can effect the lifespan.

Jewellery Repairs Newcastle

Jewellery Repairs

At our jewellery repair centre we can repair anything from a simple alteration or repair to re-modelling your old jewellery into brand new pieces. No matter if you just need a new battery for a watch or you need lost stones replacing. We can carry out all jewellery repairs offering a fast reliable service at our high street jewellery shop. All our repair work is carried out to the highest of standards and are both cleaned and polished.

ypical Jewellery Repairs we carry out are:

  • Pandora bracelets
  • Bracelet safety chains supplied and soldered
  • Rings sized
  • Chain repairs
  • Soldering of charms onto bracelets
  • Ring catches
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Re-modelling work

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Jewellery Restoration Newcastle

Our Jewellery Restoration Work

  • Diamond sourcing and matching service.
  • Restoration of all types of jewellery
  • New claws, building of shanks and under settings
  • Sourcing all types of missing stones and re-setting them

Whatever type of repairs, restoration or re-modelling work you require. Come along to our jewellery shop on Gosforth High Street, Newcastle for a free no obligation quotation. Find out more 

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