Choosing the perfect engagement and wedding rings

Finding the perfect engagement and wedding rings is not always easy

Whether you are out shopping together for your engagement or wedding rings. Or perhaps you are wanting to surprise your partner with something a little special, hopefully our recent article with help inspire you.

Wedding rings and engagement rings that don’t cost the earth

A special engagement or wedding ring is not just about how much you paid. Debt is not romantic, its about the thought and special meaning that goes behind it. Did you know at David Hall Jewellers, we can create stunning engagement and wedding rings from a picture or style you have already seen? For example you may have seen a wedding ring in platinum which you really love. Our craftsmen can create a similar ring for example in white gold for a fraction of the cost.

If you have an old ring or jewellery which has sentimental value, did you know that we can re-model that jewellery into a totally new engagement or wedding ring? Again saving you money, whilst creating you something special.

Consider the size and shape of hands when choosing an engagement or wedding ring


Many people don’t consider the shape and size of their hands when choosing their rings. With engagement rings especially they need to be suited to the shape of your hands.

Generally round or cushion shaped diamond engagement rings will suite more petite hands that have shorter fingers.

If you have slender fingers they are more suited to diamonds with marquise or emerald cuts.

Shaped wedding rings


If you have a shaped engagement ring, our craftsmen can create a beautiful handmade shaped wedding rings which fit perfectly with your engagement ring.

We can create the design to include gemstones, diamonds and other stones, the choice is yours!

You can find out more about our shaped wedding rings in our dedicated section

Choose a ring which is timeless


What is in fashion today, won’t be in the future. Fashion changes frequently, therefore when choosing a ring think of something that could be timeless.

Try to imagine what you will think of the engagement or wedding ring in 20 years time. Will you still love the ring or wish you had not followed what was in fashion at that particular time?

Don’t just look at one style of engagement or wedding rings


When you see engagement rings and wedding rings in a shop window or in a magazine they are not always what they seem

You need to ensure the ring looks right on your own hand and you are comfortable with it. After all you will be wearing this hopefully for many years to come.

It is best to try on a few different styles of engagement and wedding rings to see which style suits you best.

Put your own style of your engagement and wedding ring


Don’t just buy a engagement or wedding ring because its similar to your friends. Make your engagement ring or wedding ring special to reflect your own individual taste or personality. Be proud to wear something that is bespoke to you.

Our craftsmen at our jewellery shop, can help create that something special and individual to your own personality and taste.

Just let us know your thoughts, ideas and budget and we will do our utmost to help create it for you.

Speak to us about the quality of diamonds and stones



When it comes to the quality of diamonds and stones, our jewellers can help advise you on the different grades available within your budget.

We can also source diamonds, gems and stones and try to match ones which may have been lost on your old rings.

Restoring old engagement or wedding rings

Do you have an old engagement ring or wedding ring, perhaps from your mother or grandmother which has sentimental value?

Why not have it restored into a new ring?

We can source missing stones or diamonds and carry out repairs to help it look brand new again.

Another thing you may want to consider is re-modelling the ring.

Re-modelling of engagement and wedding rings


Inherited wedding rings and engagement rings can be re-modelled into totally new more modern designs. This way you are keeping the sentimental value of the ring, whilst creating something new that you would be proud to wear everyday.

You may for example have a yellow gold inherited ring. We can have the stones re-set and use contemporary white metals to replace the shank. In-turn off-setting some of the cost by taking the old yellow gold shank in part exchange.

This can be done not just with wedding rings and engagement rings but any type of jewellery.

Jewellery repair service

If your engagement ring needs repairing or re-plating, why not bring it along to our jewellery repair centre?

Our team will replace and source any missing stones.

We can also brighten up white gold or platinum with our rhodium plating service. 

Rhodium plating


Rhodium plating is a thin layer placed of the shank of the ring to improve the appearance.

Overtime white gold rings become dull looking and the surface can start to wear away. With rhodium plating it gives your white gold rings and brilliant white shine, making them look lovely and new again.

When you purchase your new wedding ring from David Hall jewellers, we can carry out rhodium plating to your white gold ring to make it sparkle again.

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Nomination the perfect Wedding Gift


If you are looking for a little something for a wedding gift. Why not buy a Nomination bracelet and charm, we a range of charms in stock which have been created especially for wedding couples.

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