Wedding rings to suit all budgets

Stunning Wedding Rings Designed To Fit Your Budget

With the Wedding season fast approaching many couples are deciding to buy their Wedding rings.

At our jewellery shop in Gosforth Newcastle upon Tyne,  we offer a range of Wedding Rings for all budgets. Here is an overview of some of the types of Wedding rings you can expect to buy at our jewellery shop.

Rhodium Plated Silver Wedding Rings

Rhodium plating is used to increase both the durability and brightness of white gold, platinum and silver. Rhodium is a pure silver-white element and a member of the platinum group, this metal is both precious and rare.

When the silver wedding rings are plated with rhodium it can give the look of a white gold or platinum ring without the price tag.

Shaped Wedding Rings

At our Newcastle jewellery shop we often get asked to create Shaped Wedding Rings. From customers simply wanting a Wedding ring thats a bit different to customers wanting a Wedding ring that is created to fit perfectly with their Engagement Ring. Our team of jewellery designers can create the perfect fitting Shaped Wedding Ring to fit with your Engagement Ring.

Each Shaped Wedding Ring we create is designed to your exact specifications. Whether you have your own ideas or you would like us to come up with our own. Our team of qualified jewellery designers will work with you to produce that perfectly Shaped Wedding Ring.

Once the Shaped Wedding Rings are designed by our team, they can be finished in the metal of your choice. We will then polish and set any chosen gems or stones into the Shaped Wedding Ring giving you a ring to be proud of.

Bespoke Wedding Rings

We are finding more and more customers now want something a little different for their Wedding Ring. Years ago most Wedding Rings were simply bought off the shelf. However, that is not the case now, we find many of our customers are wanting a Wedding ring which is a bit different, unique to them. Using the finest precious metals, diamonds and gemstones we can create beautiful Wedding Rings that are bespoke to you.

We often get customers asking if its expensive having bespoke wedding rings designed. The simple answer is NO. You maybe quite surprised that the cost of your Bespoke Wedding Rings maybe less than you first thought.

Matching Sets

Another popular type of Wedding Rings are his and her matching sets. We can create the rings bespoke to you or we can add a personalised message into ones purchased off the shelf making them special to you as a couple.

Mens Wedding Rings

When it comes to that special day, Mens Wedding Rings are equally as important. Call into our jewellery shop to see the full collection.

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If you would like to find out more, please visit our dedicated page or call into our jewellery shop to see our full collection on Gosforth High Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.


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