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Nomination Jewellery comes to Newcastle

Nomination Jewellery Collection – Free Your Imagination

Free your own imagination with our Nomination Jewellery Collection

Have fun creating your own bespoke bracelet. The bracelet, that tells your very own story.

Perhaps it’s a first anniversary, birth of a child, or a memorable birthday. Or a special milestone in your life, maybe a special trip in your life? Life is made up of special moments, which we remember. What better way to remember that moment than by customizing a bracelet so that it becomes a unique symbol of your life?

The Nomination charms come with heartfelt messages and composable links to help you communicate your expressions, story and personality.

These composable bracelets can reveal both your past, present and will be with you ready to remember those future events. Telling your own personal story.

In 1987 Paolo Gensini had a genius idea to create a modular charm bracelet made with interchangeable stainless steel links.  This invention was the start of exciting jewellery to come. This captured the world of superstars and jewellery lovers around the world.

Now with new symbols, colours and new materials. The composable bracelet is still as fashionable as ever, with an overwhelming irrespirable appeal.

The Nomination bracelets design is brilliant and exclusive. Its design has revolutionized the jewellery world today. These bracelets are capable of involving everyone. Previous symbols, soldered to each link can be combined in your own special way to remember life’s precious moments.

The Nomination bracelet is made in Italy. Each bracelet is created using avant-garde artisan workmanship. The stainless steel is of the highest quality, the 925 silver, 18-karat gold, precious and semi precious stones, diamonds and Cubic Zirconium. Along with the style that follows the world’s fashion trends make this compos able bracelet a one to accompany your every smile.

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