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Looking to buy an Engagement Ring ?

So you are looking to buy an engagement ring? Whether you are thinking of a diamond engagement ring, handmade, bridal set, or something a little more bespoke. Our craftsmen at David Hall Jewellers can help you buy the perfect ring. From off the shelf to rings designed especially for you, the choice is endless.

We understand that everyone’s tastes are different. Therefore when choosing your engagement ring it should be a part of your own personality and individual taste.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings. Below are a few of the type of rings you can expect to find at our Jewellery shop in Newcastle.

buying-an-engagement-ringHandmade Engagement Rings

Whether you have an idea of your own or perhaps you have seen something specific in magazine? We can give you idea of the costs and what is achievable.

Having a handmade engagement ring means you can choose each detail of the design, style, stone, cut and shape including any other unique specifications.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Now is certainly the time to buy a diamond engagement ring at David Hall Jewellers. We have some fantastic deals on diamond engagement rings from as little as £195. Take a look at some of these great prices below:

  • 1/4 Carat single stones from £299.00
  • 1/2 Carat single stones from £795.00
  • 1 Carat single stones from £3,950

Save £s on an Engagement Ring at David Hall Jewellers

You can save £s on the price of an engagement ring at David Hall Jewellers. Many people think by having an engagement ring designed it will be expensive.  However, the fact is we are cutting out the middle man.

Furthermore, these rings can be created in beautiful designs, in various metals, adding stones, styles at very competitive prices.

Diamond Bridal Sets

Perfectly matched diamond bridal sets. If you want an engagement and wedding ring set, we offer a wide range of exquisite diamond bridal sets shaped to complement each other perfectly. For your information, all our diamond bridal sets are priced at very competitive prices.

Shaped Engagement Rings & Wedding Ring Sets

In addition to our bridal sets, we offer an extensive range of shaped engagement & wedding rings. From plain shaped wedding rings to diamond shaped wedding and engagement rings. Each of these wedding rings has their own bespoke design to fit perfectly as a set.

Finally, if you have an engagement ring which has its own unique shape. Our craftsmen can create a bespoke shaped wedding ring to fit perfectly with its design.

Why not call into our Jewellery Shop on Gosforth High Street, Newcastle to discuss your requirements?

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