Shaped Wedding Rings North East

David Hall Jewellers introduce their Shaped Wedding Rings in the North East


Get the perfect fit for your engagement ring with our shaped wedding rings made in the North East by David Hall Jewellers.

If you have a engagement ring which is an unusual shape, why not have a fitted or shaped wedding ring moulded to fit your engagement ring perfectly? Our jewellers have years of experience in creating shaped wedding rings and bespoke jewellery which is unique to the person wearing it.

We have a lot of people coming to us from all over the North East, wanting us to create shaped wedding rings to fit their engagement ring. Designs often include: Wishbone rings, caged, jigsaw, waves and under and overlays of the engagement ring. We can incorporate precious stones and diamonds into your design and include engraved messages to make it unique to you.

No matter what your overall desire we can come up with a solutions which is the perfect fit.

Engagement Rings and Shaped Wedding Rings Designed To Fit Perfect

If you have not bought your engagement ring yet, why not let us create a perfect fitting engagement ring and shaped wedding ring set? Our designers can come up with their own ideas or work with ideas you may have from something you may have seen in a magazine. Your wedding day is special and we want you to enjoy every minute of it. A wedding ring is for life and we want you to be happy with your shaped wedding ring for years to come.

You can find out more about our shaped wedding rings on our dedicated page 

Bespoke Rings

If you are looking for something a little different for your Wedding day. Let us design you a ring unique to you, whether that is a single ring or a his and her set of wedding bands. Our team of jewellers will work to create something special for your special day.

Rhodium Plating For Rings

Rhodium plating can be a perfect solution if your engagement ring looking a little tired? Perhaps the white gold has started to have a dull yellowish look? White gold rings are generally plated with a layer of rhodium to help improve the appearance. In time the surface starts to wear away, this is when engagement rings become dull looking. We offer a rhodium plating service at our jewellery repair centre, we can give your white gold rings a brilliant white shine, making them look like new.

For only £15 for one ring we will clean, polish and coat your engagement ring with rhodium plating. If you and your partner both have engagement rings we currently have on a 2 rings for £25 offer. So why not bring the sparkle back into your engagement ring for your special day?

Jewellery repair and alterations service

We also have an in-house jewellery repairs service at our workshop in Gosforth, Newcastle. We have 3 talented jewellers which will take care of any repairs, alterations or restorations of jewellery.

Over the years our team have repaired and restored many beautiful pieces of jewellery. If you have lost or missing stones, we can replace, re-mount and reset all types of stones. All our jewellery repair work is carried out to very high standards and jewellery is cleaned and polished to look new again.

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