Rhodium Plating White Gold Jewellery

Make your white gold jewellery look new again with our Rhodium Plating in Newcastle

If your white gold jewellery has lost its sparkle, rhodium plating can be the perfect solution to make it look new again.

White gold rings and jewellery are generally plated with a thin layer of rhodium to improve the appearance. In time white gold rings and jewellery become dull and the surface can wear away. Rhodium plating gives your white gold rings and jewellery a brilliant white shine, making them look like new again.

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What exactly is Rhodium?

Rhodium holds the distinction of being the worlds most expensive precious metal. Its great to use for plating jewellery, due to its dazzling, white effect and is the most reflective of all the metals. Most white gold rings and jewellery today are rhodium plated, in time however the plating does wear off and it will need to be replated to keep its sparkle and shine.

Rhodium Plating does it last?

Depending on how you look after your jewellery it can keep its sparkle for a couple of years. Wearing rings to wash up dishes and do housework can all effect the rhodium plating on rings. It is important that you remove your jewellery for doing these types of tasks to help prolong its lifespan.

Can you change my old yellow jewellery to white gold with Rhodium Plating?

The simple answer is yes. If you have rings or jewellery which are dated, dull, scratched or faded. With rhodium plating we can transform them to look new again.

The Rhodium plating we use is a new formulated ultra bright plating. This is far superior to the traditional basic rhodium which is used still by a lot of jewellers.

How do i get a quotation for my jewellery or rings?

You can get a quotation by either phoning or emailing us.  Why not call into our Jewellery repair centre on Gosforth High Street, Newcastle with your jewellery to see what we can do to transform your old jewellery.

Did you know we also offer a Bead Exchange Service for Pandora Jewellery?

Our bead exchange service can save you up to 50% on retail prices of new Pandora.

If you have any old Pandora beads or jewellery, which you no longer want, bring it along to our jewellery shop and exchange it for a new piece of jewellery. All our Pandora charms are genuine. Whether you have a bracelet from Pandora or a charm you no longer want. Just bring it in and we will exchange it against a new piece of jewellery. It does not matter what condition your Pandora jewellery is in we will still give you a price against it. Beads and jewellery are restored to look like new again. Call into our jewellery shop on Gosforth High Street, Newcastle to see our Pre-Loved Pandora charms.

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