Refurbish Your White Gold Rings With Rhodium Plating

Refurbishing your white gold rings with Rhodium Plating

If you love the look of white gold rings dazzling, rhodium plating can bring your old white gold rings back to life.

Over the years, the plating on white gold rings has changed. Years ago, white gold rings were not rhodium plated now most white gold rings are. The reason for this is you cannot get that white diamond-like look from an un-plated ring. No matter how the white gold is created, it is a metal which has part yellow gold within it and will never give the same look of rhodium plating with its dazzling appearance.

A new dazzling appearance for white gold rings



Over time, white gold rings tend to wear thin and you will see a “yellowish” colour start to appear. To give white gold rings their dazzling look again, they need to be re-plated with rhodium to give them their sparkle and shine back.  Rhodium plating can last a couple of years if your rings are looked after correctly, doing the washing up and housework in them can all affect the rhodium plating on the rings.

Types of Rhodium Plating

The rhodium plating we use is a newly formulated ultra bring plating product. It is far superior to basic rhodium still used by a lot of jewellers in the UK.

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Old gold jewellery

Do you have old gold jewellery you no longer wear? No matter what the condition we will buy it for cash, find out more about this service

Preloved Pandora Jewellery

In addition to us buying old gold jewellery, we also buy used  pandora beads and bracelets, no matter what the condition we will give you a price against them.  Pandora items can also be used as part exchange against a new piece of jewellery, perhaps your new wedding rings or rhodium plating.

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