Urgent we want your Second Hand Pandora

Second Hand Pandora Charms and Jewellery Wanted

Do you have second hand Pandora bracelets or charms that you no longer wear? At David Hall Jewellers we buy Pandora charms and bracelets no matter what the condition so you can either exchange or receive cash !

Buying our Second Hand Pandora Jewellery

All the Pandora jewellery we buy in we clean, polish to make them look new again in our workshop.

Pandora Bead Exchange

Our Pandora bead exchange is a great way for customers to trade in their old Pandora charms for new ones. If you have had a charm as a present or bought a charm you no longer like. Why not trade it in against a new charm that you really want.

Fake Pandora Charms

With the ever-growing popularity of Pandora charms just like other leading brands of jewellery Pandora have seen a rise in the number of counterfeit and imitation pieces on the market. All genuine Pandora products have district markings, which can be used to distinguish them from imitation pieces.

The craftsmanship and quality of the piece is not always easy to determine unless you are handing it. Therefore if you are buying online, you will probably only see the images. Which does not give you the best indication as to whether the product is genuine or not.

Pandora charms are beautiful pieces that are made by artisans who work with precious metal stones and Murano coloured glass. These authentic pieces have a high level of sculpting and detailing. Counterfeit pieces of the Pandora jewellery are often manufactured from a mould of the original. These can loose fidelity with the being a copy and in-turn degrade quickly especially when more and more copies are made from them.

We only sell authentic Pandora charms and bracelets. There are numerous ways of spotting fake or counterfeit products. Our team of craftsmen have years of experience in this and can very easily spot a fake. Therefore any used Pandora charm or bracelet you buy from us you can be assured is genuine.

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  1. pamela_garrett15 says:

    I have a brand new never worn Pandora bracelet with several Pandora charms on it that I am looking to sell. How would I go about doing this?

    1. Hi
      unfortunately we are not buying in Pandora at the present time
      Thanks for your enquiry

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